Member Benefits


SCAA Office: Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists,
PO box 31122 RPO Normanview, Regina, SK, S4R 8R6
Tel: (306) 780-9414

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  • Access to the specialized services of the SCAA Archives Advisor
  • (Institutional members) Ability to apply for funding from programs adjudicated by the SCAA or otherwise available to members of archival councils (e.g. Provincial Institutional Program (IGP) and Young Canada Works)
  • Note: eligibility of developmental institutional members depends on guidelines of external granting agencies
  • (Institutional members) Ability to contribute entries to MemorySask, formerly the Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (fonds/series descriptions; photograph descriptions and scanned images)
  • (Institutional members) Inclusion in the Directory of Archives in Saskatchewan on the website (and print versions when published)
  • Access to SCAA training opportunities (and, with the exception of General members, assistance from the SCAA's professional development fund to facilitate participation in all appropriate training opportunities)
  • Ability to post and receive messages on the SCAA listserv
  • Receive the SCAA newsletter, plus an e-newsletter and other communications
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities to meet with like-minded professionals at SCAA events (meetings, workshops, AGM)
  • (Institutional and individual) Ability to participate on SCAA Executive and/or Committees
  • (Institutional and individual) Ability to vote at AGM
  • (Institutional and individual) Member rates for SCAA-sponsored workshops