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Prior to 2000, two archive entities existed in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Archivist Society (SAS), representing individual Archivists, and the Saskatchewan Council of Archives (SCA), representing Archival Institutions. The discussion to amalgamate these two began in late 1999.

A constitution for the Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists (SCAA) was approved by both the SAS and the SCA in April and May 2000, with the SCAA meeting first in October of 2000.


Regina SCAA Administrative Office

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists
PO Box 31122 RPO Normanview
Regina, SK
S4R 8R6

Telephone: (306) 780-9414
Email: Click here SCAA office

Saskatoon SCAA Archives Advisor:
Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists,
516 Clarence Ave. South
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 2C9

Telephone: (306) 242-0796
Email: Click here Archives Advisor

Board of Directors

Board of Directors Members 2020-21
Position Member                        Associated Institution
President Mark Vajcner
(Term - 2020-22)

University of Regina Archives & Special Collections

Vice-President Stevie Rae Horn
(Term - 2019-21)
Saskatoon Public Library - Local History
Treasurer Bonnie Dahl
(Term - 2019-21)
University of Saskatchewan Archives & Special Collections
Member-at-large William Shepherd
(Term 2020-22)
Swift Current Museum
Member-at-large Christine Charmbury
(Term 2020-21)
M├ętis Registry of Saskatchewan
Member-at-large Jennifer Kowalchuk
(Term 2020-22)
City of Yorkton Archive
Member-at-large Donald Johnson
(Term 2019-21)
Provincial Archives Saskatchewan
Member-at-large Jeremy Mohr
(Term 2020-22)

Provincial Archives Saskatchewan

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