Deadline for 2023-24 IGP applications

The SCAA Grants Committee invites members to submit project proposals for the 2023-2024 Institutional Grants Program (IGP). A limit of $5,000 per project has been set. Funds can be used as sole or joint/matching funding, but applications must be structured so that a portion of the project can be completed using only the SCAA funds if the matching funds are not realized. Members may submit multiple applications. In such cases, members must note their prioritization order.

To receive funds, the member must:

  • Be in good standing in the year the application is made and in the year the funds are received. Please review your institution’s SCAA membership status to assure your eligibility.

  • Reporting requirements for previous projects must be completed prior to release of funds for new successful applications.
  • Any project proposed would need to be started and completed between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024.
  • Applications must support arrangement and description, conservation, digitization, outreach, or any other archives-centered project.

Projects selected for Institutional Grants Program funding will be prioritized by:

  1. Diversity aspect (see the SCAA Diversity Plan on the SCAA’s website).
  2. Projects that support arrangement and description, conservation, digitization, outreach, or access to archival material/primary historical sources in Saskatchewan.
    • Archival material may include:
      • A textual document like a letter, a report, meeting minutes or scrapbook
      • A visual document like a photograph, map or architectural drawing
      • An audio document like a tape recording of original, unpublished music or oral history interview
      • A multimedia document like a home movie
      • A digital document like an email
  3. Value to the institution and to the community.
  4. Smaller institutional members will receive priority over archives with well-established funding structures.
  5. Priority will also be given to archives that have not previously received IGP funding.

For application documents, additional information, or to view a recording of our IGP webinar: Any additional questions can be directed to the Archives Advisor at The Archives Advisor is also pleased to provide feedback on application drafts if submitted at least three weeks prior to the application deadline.

Any changes or modifications to how granted funds are to be used need to be reported to the SCAA. Institutions who change the project scope or budget without prior approval from the SCAA may be required to return some or all of the granted funds to the SCAA.

**Only description and digitization projects need to highlight how they will contribute to the MemorySask-SAIN database.

As the SCAA has seen many new institutions applying to the IGP, we offer a recording of grant writing webinar to help members understand and complete the IGP application form. See this and additional tools below.

The SCAA has set the deadline for submissions of complete project applications for:

5:00 pm (Sask. Time) October 3, 2022

The application form and requirements are available here:


2023-2024 GUIDELINES


Please send an electronic copy of your completed application to -

Executive Director
Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists


Archives Advisor
Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists

2022-23 SCAA Grants Committee;
William Shepherd, (Swift Current Museum) (Chair)
The Committee membership consists of 3 members from different institutions from across the province.