Preservation Workshop: part 2

Tuesday, March 28th from 10am to 1pm: This is part two of two half-day on-line presentations will touch on the basic practices of preserving physical archive material. Part of managing an archive involves providing, to the best of your ability, a safe, secure space for the records with appropriate care and handling procedures and storage methods to prevent deterioration or irreparable damage. Subjects of storage and handling, maintaining a proper environment (Temperature, Relative Humidity Light and Air Quality) as well as the overall assessing needs and prioritizing to consider when pondering a preservation plan.

The subjects may vary depending on questions raised. Downloadable resources will be included for participants.



Minimum # Attendees: 10 Maximum # Attendees: 25 (Due to bandwidth)

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Each Institutional member may have multiple attendees for this virtual workshop.

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Registration Deadline: March 24, 2023
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